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United States, New York City


To date, Santo Rico hasn’t stopped working toward pursuing their current status in the business as the longest-standing performance team in the world. Since launching their first choreography in 1996 Santo Rico has worked relentlessly on its art, spanning 5 continents, over 25 countries and over 40 US cities during this fabulous trajectory. To date, they're recognized for their dazzling choreographies and their world-famous "Santo Rico spinning technique" initiated in 1998 by Tomas Guerrero himself. Santo Rico's training methods have influenced, inspired and trained many dancers all over the world, including dancers from dance companies like Karisma and Yamulee, which were formed from training and dancing under Santo Rico. Santo Rico’s achievements also include performing with many Salsa Superstars such as Gilberto Santo Rosa, Tito Puente, Jose Alberto "El Canario", Marc Anthony, La Sonora Ponceña and Victor Manuelle to name a few.