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United States, Fort Lauderdale


Christian has been teaching and performing across the United States for over a decade. With his innovative style, Christian has come to be recognized as a pioneer in the salsa community, both as an entrepreneur and a dancer. His passion for dance began in 2001 as an interest to learn Salsa for his then girlfriend and now wife. He began his training in Casino style salsa and shortly, thereafter, evolved into one of the top ON2 instructors in South Florida. His interest to learn, quickly, turned into a passion that flourished into a career. In 2006, Christian opened the first Latin Dance Studio in Broward County, Casa Salsa®. Being the first of it’s kind, Casa Salsa®, offered classes on a membership based program and became known for it’s innovative style of instruction. Since then, Christian and his team have participated as professionals in many major dance events throughout Florida and the U.S. Including, the Miami Salsa Congress, New York Salsa Congress, the IHSC (International Hustle and Salsa Competition), the Miami Hurricanes games and the Miami Heat half time show, just to name a few. In 2008, both Christian and his wife were chosen to be the official representatives of the CW Network for Spanish Heritage Month. In 2011, Casa Salsa, organized the first & largest Salsa Flashmob in the United States, followed by another in 2012. Christian’s passion for dance, energy and enthusiasm have all contributed to the development of his teaching style. Always providing nuggets of knowledge from his training in musicality and innovative turn patterns, his classes and teaching format have been a success. He has gained notoriety as one of Florida’s top salsa dancers & instructors, highly esteemed by his peers & students. His passion for dance continues to develop with his Casa Salsa® Training Program.