Dancing Salsa since 1992!

Luis Vazquez, a pioneer in the LA Salsa style, began dancing in 1992 in Los Angeles, California. He co-created Salsa Brava Productions, the first Salsa dance company in Los Angeles. Salsa Brava was one of the most respected and well known dance companies in the world.

Luis's style continues to inspire people to reach and exceed their dancing boundaries. His aura, personality and vibrant energy are contagious.

His creativity in music, costumes, routines, and stunts has taken showmanship to the next level as well as paved the way for many other dancers including Melissa Fernandez.

Melissa Fernandez began taking salsa lessons in February of 1999. She was so inspired by the drive and energy of the Los Angeles Salsa Community that she began studying intensely. In August 1999, she auditioned and out of 75 international applicants, she landed a spot on the Salsa Brava Dance team. Undoubtedly, Melissa's style, sensuality and passion on the dance floor has led her to become one of the world's most recognized Salsa female dancers in world. Her positivity and vibrant energy are reflective both on and off the dance floor.

Together as Artistic Directors Luis and Melissa present to you....

Mas Salsa Brava Productions. Bringing to you more energy, more passion, more flavor. combining the traditional with the innovative. Bringing revival, revitalizing the Salsa Revolution.