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United States, Charlotte


DJ Skip Lopes is recognized as one of the leading and most respected salsa DJs on the East Coast. During his 20+ year career as a DJ he has developed a distinct and smooth style that varies from New York Mambo, Bachata to Kizomba, and he is equally comfortable playing many other genres in between. DJ Skip Lopes’ bewitching blends of salsa, bachata, and kizomba enthralls all those who hear his beats and keeps them dancing until the early hours of the morning. Most importantly, DJ Skip gives salseros the music that has what they want: classic salsa sounds, strong dancer’s rhythm and a nice melody line.

As a Cape Verdean born DJ, by way of New Bedford, Ma, his musical inspiration streams from his Portuguese and African background, and his many years of traveling the country have contributed to developing his distinct, smooth and intoxicating flavor and sound. DJ Skip has appeared and headlined in some of the most popular Salsa and Bachata clubs, socials Congresses and Festivals in Boston, New York, Virginia, Charlotte, Atlanta, Orlando, Tampa, Miami, and everywhere in between. His signature DJ mixes evoke the salsa classics of Monga Santamaria, Sonora Poncena and Fania All Stars, the powerful arrangements of salsa dura, and the jazzy melodies of mambo, as well as, a variety of cha cha, merengue, bachata, and the extreme sensuality of kizomba and cabo love. (His first love as a DJ is for Old School Hip Hop and Dancehall!)

DJ Skip Lopes has brought the popularity of salsa, bachata and kizomba from the world to Charlotte. He keeps hundreds of dancers and salseros on their toes with the sounds that flow from his turntable, and will continue to do so for many years to come. His aim is to continue increasing the salsero and bachatero community in North Carolina and to take Kizomba to the mainstream dance scene throughout the region.