African Jet, literally means "African Plane", meanwhile as for the authors of this project means something more; it is "a Sprinkling of Africa" in a world made of rhythms, sounds and Latin-American movements; a world that till the arrival to Italy, Tarek and Hicham have no idea about it. The contact with this kind of music happens by chance, but it becomes like a fever into the soul of the two brothers; so, they start studying and working very hard, finding out that they have a real talent for dance. After doing important experiences together with several teachers and artists, Tarek decides to realise his dream, creating a dance group together with his brother, Hicham. Therefore, they change their garage into a well-equipped dance room, and they start training and creating the first combinations; at the same time, they look for some dancers suitable for their style.

Together with these participants, it begins on 17 February 2006, the first choreography "THE FIRST". A show, which is presented not only in a lot of dance-clubs in the north of Italy, but especially at international congresses and events, among them: the Twister Event, organized by Johnny Vazquez, The Bologna Salsa Festival, The Conjunto salsero, etc.They obtain an unexpected and satisfactory result and it gives to the two choreographs a lot of inputs and bravery in order to follow through this project. After some months the two unpredictable brothers, this time without any dancers, present "Honey Bee", a mix of cha cha cha and a charming and creative salsa; the enthusiasm of the components grows more and more and they decide to grow up, including a couple of young promises, Manuel Prosperi and Giulia Menegatti. Following this new group, the third show, called "La Pelota", begins; in which is mixed up technique, creativity and energy, showing the great artistic maturity reached by the two choreographs. Even this performance obtains a great success, especially at the Bologna Salsa Festival (March 2007), where they receive the congratulations by those teachers, who some years before Tarek could only see delighted on the screen. The dance group "African Jet" appears with their choreographies in various TV reports, broadcasted on different channels: TG4, SKY, 7GOLD, RETE8, RETE NUOVA and ANTENNA3.
Now, African Jet is a reality, which will continue to grow up, thanks to the passion, willingness and strength shared by all the participants of the group.