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Netherlands, Amsterdam


Adilio Porto has been working with dance since 1988 and his professional career started with entering Jaime Aroxa's Academy in Botafogo (Rio de Janeiro), after seeing Adilio dance at the 1st Lambada competition at 'Roxy Roller'.
Adilio joined Jaime Aroxa's dance company and began to teach for him, continuing his career there for 10 years. He considers Jaime Aroxa one of the most influential dancers of Dança de Salao in the world and divides his dance career in two parts: before, and after working with Jaime Aroxa.
After working with lambada, Adilio started promoting Zouk Love, the very start of zouk lambada all over Brazil. This turned out to be a great success for both he and Jaime, assisting with the spread of Jaime Aroxa's schools around Brazil and Adilio being sent all around Brazil to continue to teach this new take on lambada.
Adilio has participated in many events, such as congresses, movies, television, theatre and live shows. Adilio has long been regarded as one of the Godfathers of Brazilian Zouk and one of the best representatives of this style in the world.
Adilio has taught many of the most well known zouk lambada teachers in Brazil after he and Renata Peçanha started the first company dedicated to zouk lambada in Rio de Janeiro.
Currently living and working in Europe, it is Adilio's goal to use his experiences from Brazil to promote Brazilian dances in Europe and throughout the world.