Daughter of art, born on 26/03 in Habana (Cuba), comes from a family where dance is the watchword. She is Mariseli Castillo’s grandson, top-level dancer of dance company National de Cuba and current teacher in it. These are the first impressions that will follow, entering at the age of 7 years in the Experimental School of Ballet of Cuban TV, with the teachers Paulina Rubio and Christ Dominquez. Become provincial, regional and national champion of Gimnasia Artistica (Coreographic Team) at the school Adalberto Gomez Nunez for 3 consecutive years. At 9 years enters Elementary Classical Dance Academy -Alejo Carpentier, where she ends the first years of classical preparation in Russian and Cuban technique. Dazzled by the splendour of contemporary Cuban dance, becomes part of the National Dance of Modern and contemporary Cuba (ENA), where thanks to his natural talents have results participating in competitions as well. Following the footprints of his mother Josefina Castillo, his aunt Anais Castillo, prestigious dancers of the Tropicana in Cuba, and his uncle Albertico Calderon, the current star of the Italian world Caribbean and great teacher, decides to continue his studies at the Academy National Music Entertainment (ENEM), where he graduated as a singer, actress and dancer in musical. Along with studies specializes in dance-theater, and of course as Behaviour at the School of Cuban Circus. Provides services in the Ballet of Cuban TV, where it will be called to work, in rejecting the proposed meantime Santiago Alfonso (Tropicana Cuba) and Rafael Gonzales (Parisien), the most prestigious of Havana (unleashing the anger of mother). There is talk of starting career with the Latin-pop group Crash Chicas, where singing and dancing, but it takes little to low affordability. It is called by the prestigious agency Turarte to work in the Italian cruise ship Valtur Prima, where within a short time, becomes the first dancer. After 2 years starts to work in the company of dance Yolena Alonso as a solo dancer at the Casa della Moda Cubana Maison. He currently lives in Italy, where his first moves in contemporary dance steps dancing along with figures such as Silvio Oddi and Mauro Mosconi, before joining the company's professional contemporary dance-drama by Michele Pogliani. The roots begin to hear their appeal and began his adventure in the Caribbean dances, dancing to a local TV in the province of Ragusa and participating in programs like Together. Receives from the Italian Dance Sport Federation (FIDS), the degree of Master and Judge of Race for artistic merit. In 2005 became vice champion with the Italian professional dancer and teacher Massimo Lupo. Currently the group is Latin dancer Black, with whom it has established itself as a trainee dancer and prestige in the best conferences in Italy and worldwide.

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