Originally from Trinidad and Tobago Mark-Anthony moved to Toronto in 1988 and a few years later he started learning how to dance salsa. He was immediately hooked and his career took of from there. He started of with United Salseros back in 2001 and in 2003 he started his own dance company called Mambo Tribe. Mambo Tribe's group of talented dancers toured all over the US and a few European cities.

In 2006 he formed his new dance company called MAS Mambo and after touring Canada, US and Europe for 2 years Mark-Anthony decided to move to Stockholm Sweden to further pursue his dance career.

Shortly after he formed his Swedish group and they have been performing and teaching all over Europe for the past 3 years. He currently resides in Kyiv Ukraine where he teaches for Depo Dance Cafe and performs with Olesia but he still maintains his partnership with Susie of Stockholm.

Mark-Anthony has a deep passion for Mambo and loves everything about the style, the culture, the music and the musicians that brought to life. He specialize in dancing Mambo (On2) but also specialize in LA style. He currently teaches turn patterns, footwork and body movements, spins technique, musicality, Pachanga and many more. He his known for his excellent teaching style and communication skills in the class room which is loved by many students around the world where he has taught.

Mark-Anthony love for the various Latin rhythms can be seen on the social dance floor and stage when he dances and performs. He has a smooth style, creative, playful and most import he's always having fun on the dance floor or stage.

Please respect the musicians that is keeping the Latin music alive so please support live music and the musicians that enjoys playing for us, the dancers.