Kaytee is the founder and the heart and soul of K-Style. He lives and breathes Salsa and has had the courage and conviction to follow his dreams. Kaytee is a perfectionist, laying great emphasis on technique and also on attitude and interpretation of the music.
He calls his unique style ‘K-Style’. Why? Because K-Style as Kaytee likes to say, focuses on musicality, body movement and dancing through one’s body, mind and soul, in a dancer’s interpretation and representation of the instruments being played and feel of the music. As each dancer has his or her own personality, so is K-Style synonymous with Kaytee’s panache and energetic yet fluid style.

Kaytee is an Internationally recognized Instructor / Choreographer / Dancer and has taught and performed at several Salsa Festivals and Countries across the World, including Germany, China, USA, Dubai, Lebanon, Greece, Australia, Prague, France, Belgium, Turkey, Portugal, Kenya, Qatar, Lithuania, Egypt, Romania, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and so on and so forth. Kaytee was also a Judge at the China Open Salsa Championship and the Asian Salsa Championship.

He is also the Founder / Director of "Salsa India - The Home of Salsa in India" and "K-School of Performing Arts". Both companies which are based in India.