Originally from Portugal, Miguel grew up in Lisbon where he started to develop an interest for Afro Cuban style dance. At the age of 13 he found his talent and started taking his hobby more seriously. He started by learning contemporary jazz, Latin rhythm and Salsa and later moved onto more sensual styles such as Kizomba. Alongside Iris de Brito, Miguel is leading the way forward in the UK with his interpretation of Kizomba – a fusion of Argentinean Tango and Zouk (French Caribbean). Miguel’s passion for dance and love of Latin rhythm has enabled him to develop his own unique and enchanting style. Performer:
Miguel currently performs salsa with A Yemaya – Frank Santos’ breathtaking new dance group which has taken the UK by storm. As a group A Yemaya won ‘Best UK Performance 2008’ from Salsa Central and is performing at numerous venues and congresses over the coming months.

Miguel also performs his amazing Kizomba choreography with his dance partner Iris de Brito who is one of the biggest talents on the UK salsa scene – twice UK salsa champion.