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Güpson Pierre is the owner and Artistic Director of Attitude Dance Studio. Originally from Montreal, Canada, Güpson has performed and choreographed dance performances extensively in Canada, USA, Asia and South America.
Güpson’s 15 years of dance experience - as performer, teacher, choreographer and principal of Attitude Dance Studio - is backed by extensive qualifications: Bachelor in Latin Dance History, Bachelor of Dance and Physical Education, Bachelor of Dance Technique. His performance and teaching jobs include: choreographer for the Howard Gillick Productions; professional dancer for the Alvin Ailey Dance Company; choreographer and performer in the 2000, 2001, 2002 & 2003 West Coast Salsa Congress, Los Angeles, USA; Co-choreographed and Performed in the 2004 West Coast Salsa Congress, Los Angeles, USA; teacher at the 2003 West Coast Salsa Congress, Los Angeles, USA; teacher and performer in the Puerto Rico Salsa Congress 2001; teacher and performer in the Hong Kong Salsa Congress 2002; teacher and performer in the KoreanKorean Salsa Congress 2003 & 2004; teacher and performer at the Bangkok Salsa Festival 2004; a judge in several Asian dance competitions.
All resident instructors at Attitude Dance Studio are groomed by him. This ensures that the strictest standards (with much emphasis on dance techniques) are preserved in ADS. Many students who have taken classes at Attitude Dance Studio have performed in worldwide congresses/ festivals in a relatively short time, due to excellent grounding in fundamentals for which ADS is justly famous.