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United States, New York City


Juan "Pachanga" Matos was born in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. He moved to the United States in April of 1996. Little did he know that within three years he would become one of New York's top male dancers.

Not of legal age yet, Juan started visiting clubs to watch his parents, who were at the time Santo Domingo's top hustle dancers. They were his prime influence and main inspiration in dancing, which slowly became Juan's dream. He was never quite sure which dance form he wanted to pursue until 1997, when he saw mambo. He visited Victor "La Magica" Pacheco's class and was instantly hooked. However, after just 2 months of mambo classes, Juan was forced to take a break due to a back injury. After being noticed at a club when social dancing, with only street knowledge and little technique, Juan was able to learn and perform a whole mambo routine in less than seven days. A lot of hard work and dedication helped Juan to progress to the next level; becoming a performer in a group called, "Magic Combination Dancers."

At the beginning of 2000, Juan was invited to join a dance group, directed by Osmar Perrones, who was one of the instructors last year (Yamulee Dance Company). A couple of months later, Juan was also invited to train with, "Santo Rico Dance Company" (founded by Wilton Beltre and directed by Thomas Guerrero). After a year of training with Santo Rico Dance Company, Juan developed what is now called "Pachanga style." This unique style is why all eyes are fixed on him in New York's mambo scene. Whether it is during a social dance or a dance performance, Juan is considered to be one of the best, hottest and most influential dancers of his generation. He has been a huge inspiration for the majority of the "on2" professionals in the salsa world. Natural talent, pure, smooth, classic, and fast feet best describes this talented young man. Juan has created a name for himself on the International platform as a teacher as well as a performer.