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United States, Los Angeles


Having established a strong presence for producing and promoting International Latin Entertainment events and concerts, Albert Torres has garnered an esteemed reputation within the entertainment industry as the Bill Graham of Latin Entertainment. Constantly looking to break new ground and markets, Torres was the first promoter to risk controversy and finances by bringing music artists from Cuba such as Salsa sensation group Los Van Van to the United States for their very first show. Since then, Los Van Van has received major media awareness with prestigious publications such as Los Angeles Times, New York Times, among others and including the most coveted music honour, a Grammy and Latin Grammy nomination. Torres's passion and promotional skills has played a key role in the U.S. Latin Entertainment explosion.

Since 1998, Albert Torres Productions (ATP) has created and produced the World's largest Salsa Music event, The West Coast Salsa Congress in Southern California. ATP transforms the event's location into an exciting music and dance venue that attracts thousands of Latin Music enthusiasts from all over the US and the world. In addition to this, ATP also endorses and co-produces Salsa Congresses in over 32 countries.