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Belgium, Brussels


Ten years after Christmas' eve 1991 when he first mixed for a salsa crowd in Nijmegen, (Holland), Cisko moved to Belgium, while his name were heard in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Arnhem, Eindhoven, Düsseldorf, etc. He carried on with his activities in Holland organising parties or being invited as a dj but he wanted to be a part of the Belgian Salsa Scene where fellow dj's were heating up the local dance floors. Cisko clearly had a different way of playing salsa and the crowd liked it. He is often invited to plug his headphones on World's Salsa events, from Brussels to Dubai, Sofia, Bucharest, Paramaribo, Athens, and Amsterdam to name a few locations. About his passion, he said: "..I am not sure I have a "style" as SALSA evolves as music as well as a dance. I learn a lot listening to local and international dj's around the world. I try to adjust with the audience and smoothly bring him to react to my inspiration of the moment. My audience inspires me: a smile, a glance, a shine, a hip movement or a Salsero (a)'s footworkand I there I go for a next song or a mix. One guideline
though, it has to be a good song, with a rich text or a great musical arrangement.