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Switzerland, Genève


Elected member of the sub-committee of the IDO (International Dance Organization) for latin-caribbean danse (Salsa, Mambo, Rueda, etc.)

Podium at the World Championship of Rueda (Turin 2003)

Swiss Champion 2001 and 2004, Vice Swiss Champion 2003 of Rueda

4th of the World Championship of Rueda 2005 (Bassano, IT.), 5th in 2007 (Bassano, IT.), 5th of the "Rueda Mundial" at the Cubamemucho 2008 (Munich, GER.)

Choregrapher of the dancers chorus "Agua Caliente" (Saint-Etienne, France 2007), "Salsa Con Timba" (Budapest, Hungary 2008), "Salsa Team" (Belgrade, Serbia 2008) and "Combinación Perfecta" (Geneva, Switzerland 2008)

Guest of Honour of the CUBAMEMUCHO : Award 2008 "Ambassador of Cuban Culture" (Munich, GER.)

Finalist at the Swiss Championship Salsa 2003

Judge at 6 World Championships (Caribbean Danse 2004 and 2006, Street Mambo 2006, Latin Show 2006), a World Cup (Salsa 2006), 5 European Championships (Argentine Tango 2004, Swing 2004, Disco Fox 2006, Bachata 2005, Salsa 2006), an European Cup (Salsa 2004), at the Swiss Championships (Salsa, Bachata, Rueda 2005) and at an Open of Italy (Salsa 2003)