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United Kingdom, London


Joe’s background is in the original UK street dance scene of the 1980′s when he was a member of a hip-hop and breakdancing team that performed across the UK. After his dad died in 1979, he became the man of the family and learned the art of social dancing (waltz, quicktep, social foxtrot) from dancing with his mum and older sisters at the many family parties. It was his dads collection of big band jazz and classic soul that started a life-long interest in all forms of Jazz, Funk and Soul as well as latin classics played on original instruments.

In the last few years, Joe has worked hard with his team to develop both his and their skills as dancers and teachers and the result has been some of the UK’s best dancers and most popular teachers. As well as festivals in the UK including Pontins, The Salsa Explosion Festival and numerous other weekenders Joe and his team have travelled abroad extensively for work and have taught already in:

Italy, Spain, Sweden, Norther Ireland and Ireland, Denmark and they are booked to visit India, Greece, Australia and Seattle & NY.