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Netherlands, Haarlem


I started out 15 years ago, when there was no mention of LA Style or NY Style or whatever. Just salsa. My cousin told me a salsa class had just started, and they needed more guys. At that time, to me, all salsa music sounded the same and I wasn’t into it, but the prospect of being needed by damsels in distress won me over. My first encounter was with Janet, who kindly told me that I was leading with my feet and that I should lead with my hands.Love at first sight….NOT. We’re married now and my lead has become a bit better.

Anyway, I took classes from several teachers, all with different, nameless styles, until I got to Marlon Castillo, who introduced LA Style in Holland. It took some time to switch from the way I’d been dancing before. I’m a slow learner. But when it clicked, everything developed in a higher gear. I started teaching, which forced me to come up with my own moves and think harder about the way I’m dancing. Salsa festivals were starting to happen around Europe, giving me a chance to see guys like Leon Rose (my first guru), Supermario and Francisco Vasquez. I’m still humbled by people like this, even when I’m teaching at the same festivals.

I‘ve also done the salsa dvd thing, and I think salsa dvd’s are excellent learning tools. Especially if they go deeper than ‘the move’ and teach you the technique required to lead, follow and style. The salsa clips on this site are more for archival and inspirational purposes. If you can copy a move of it, that’s great, but a salsa dvd or teacher can teach you the technique. I will add some instructional clips in the near future, so you’ll have an online salsa dvd, but instead of holding your breath, give salsa dvd’s a try. They’re the next best thing to a good teacher.