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Argentina, Buenos Aires


Ruben and Sabrina Veliz started their career in the Ballet Brandsen in 1989, as cast members during 8 years. They made appearances with this company in Cosquin Festival (89,90,93,95,96), Luna Park, Gran Rex Theatre, Opera Theatre, Teatro Argentino de La Plata, Teatro Coliseo Podesta, and the Teatro Colon, among others.

They also toured Latin America visiting Chile, Brazil (Festival de la California and Festival de la Mohenda) Paraguay ( Ypacarai Festival) and Uruguay.

In Early 1997 they start their career as a solo couple appearing in presentations with Adrina Varela, Argentino Ledesma, Maria Volonte, Pascual “Cholo” Mamone, the Gigi Dángelis Orchestra, Ricardo “chiqui” Pereyra, El Quinteto Real, Hugo Marcel, Cuarteto Volpe, Orquesta Color Tango, Sexteto Canyengue, Ernesto Baffa.

Since then they have appeared in many festivals and seminars all over the world and toured in various places with their shows.