Giedre and Sarunas met each other on the dance floor. Their souls were longing for sensual and lyric Bachata. Fell in love in Tampere, Finland 1st International Bachata Festival. For Bachata as well. It was the feeling they both were waiting for something very special in their Lives - Dance of two Souls.

The path was found.

Couple experienced some amazing miracles afterwards. Their Wedding took place in California - on the way to 1st Reno International Bachata Festival, Nevada, USA and exactly there and then two brand new – married were announced organizers of 1st International Bachata Festival in their Mother Land - Lithuania.
In a half a year after they met dance studio of “Bachata Souls” founded.

Sarunas and Giedre are in love with Bachata. Recently they found out 2 more dances which altogether with bachata are their “3 Saint Dances”. It is Kizomba and Bolero.