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Italy, San Giuliano Milanese


Swing World Champions, they are the promoters of a new salsa style called "SalsaSwing", where sexy movements are mixed with swing and lindy acro elements.They made a huge impact in their first appearance at the Puerto Rico Salsa Congress in 2004, After that Los Angeles, NewYork/New Jersey, London, Switzerland, Milan, Portugal, Paris, Tampere, Rome, Madrid, Chicago and many more of the most important salsa and swing Congresses in the World.

They have used their knowledge of Jazz, Tap, Swing, Acro, Classic, Latin, Hip Hop to create a new Style based on the concept the music give you all the informations about Style, Choreography and right Interpretation. So if you know different dances you have more possibilities to follow the music rhythm variations.

Their classes are a mix of power and sensuality at the same time, classic technique combined with energy, fantasy and a unique capacity to follow the music with spectacular improvisations