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United States, Santa Monica


Cristian Oviedo and Liz Lira have been partners since May of 2008. Together, they have won numerous local, national, and international competitions. In December of 2009, they won the 4th Annual World Salsa Championships together in the On1 division. They are admired for their extremely clean execution, creative choreography, and passionate, fiery performances.

Cristian Oviedo was born in El Salvador and is a professional dancer, dance instructor, choreographer, actor, and entrepreneur. He offers lessons in LA style salsa, NY style salsa, casino rueda, and International Latin. He began his teaching career in California and has since taught in almost every US state and over 300 studios, including over 20.000 students, since 2005.

Liz Lira, the "Rose of Salsa," was born in La Paz, Bolivia, and immigrated to the United States at the early age of eight. She trained in ballet and jazz from an early age, and continues to expand her dance horizons to this day. Liz emerged onto the salsa scene at the age of 21, and has since won six world championships. Currently, Liz is one of the most highly regarded dancers of any genre in the US, and is a highly sought-after choreographer for film and television.

Championships won:

Palm Springs Masquerade Ball Jack and Jill 2005

Monsoon Pro Salsa Competition 2008

Steven's Steakhouse US National Competition 2009

West Coast Salsa Congress Pro Competition 2009

Granada Pro Salsa Competition 2009

Philadelphia Salsafest Professional Salsa Competition 2009

4th Annual ESPN World Salsa Champion 2009