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United States, Jersey City


Ismael Otero is one of the best salsa/mambo Instructor/Choreographers in the world, and his group, the Caribbean Soul Dancers, is one of the most exciting and creative dance companies to watch. The company has taught and performed for countless people all over the world. Their performances always leave the audience with the feeling of, "How the hell did they do that"? Ismael has a way of creating dance magic in every performance.

The Caribbean Soul Dance Company was founded in 1997. Ismael Otero wanted to show everyone his unique style and bring out the best out ofhis dancers.Together they have traveled all over the world to give everybody a taste of CaribbeanSoul. With his unique way of thinking, using the creative dance form of the streets,combining the technique and the passion for the music, Caribbean Soul is now one of the best show teams in the world.Caribbean Soul is mainly known for its originality and people always say "we cant wait to see what the will come up next"it's always changing the norm in salsa routines.

Today Caribbean Soul still do what they do best and thats bring out the best out of their students and create new out of the ordinary shows.