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Denmark, Copenhagen


Daniela Horta is a Kizomba Addict, Performer, Instructor, Promoter, Event Creator and the first official face of Kizomba in Denmark and Scandinavia.
Even though she grew up in Portugal, Daniela spent her first years in Mozambique where her mother is from.
She became a big enthusiast of this unique dance style, the music and the very special way of expressing oneself through Kizomba.
Having learned Kizomba with some of the greatest masters in Kizomba like Kwenda Lima, Avelino Chantre, Petchu, Zé Barbosa, Hélio Santos, Ricardo Sousa and Paula Loureiro, she now spends a lot of time divulging the dance and the music in Denmark, making it a success as it already is in several countries in Europe.
She has performed and taught Kizomba in Denmark, Sweden, England, Finland, Belarus, Lithuania and Netherlands.