Ex Americans, Rena is Israel's leading Lindy Hop teacher and she head the Swing department at "Dance Tel Aviv" - Israel's largest school for social dancing. Rena, a former Ballroom and Latin teacher, spent 7 years in NYC studying, teaching and performing Lindy Hop. Rena moved to Israel at 2007 with the dream of creating a Swing community in Israel. Starting with just a handful of students, Rena joined forces with David, a former professional ballet and modern dancer, and their student body has grown to over 120 Lindy hop students to date. Today Dance Tel Aviv is the heart of the lively Israeli Swing community.
As the co-owner of Dance Tel Aviv, Rena is also very busy further promoting and developing Swing dance in Israel. Some of her latest projects have included choreographing a lindy hop routine for the Israeli version of the TV show "Dancing with the Stars", and organizing the first annual international Tel-Aviv Swing festival.