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Spain, Madrid


Pablo was born in Buenos Aires Argentina. He studied modern Jazz, Latin Rhythms among others and is a choreographer and judge in the international dance world. He's artistic director of the most prestigious dance rooms in Palma de Mallorca. Co-founder of the 2x4 Mambo and Open Dance Company.

Diana was born in Montoya, Colombia. She dances jazz, contemporary and ballet. She's a former dancer of the most prestigious "Ballet Folclorico de Antioquia". Pablo and Diana met in Madrid. Since then they have represented the city in the most prestigious Congresses in the World. They were co-acting in the musical based on the film Dirty Dancing. They are champions of Spain in 2006 and participated in the World Championship of Las Vegas at the category of Cabaret. They teach Salsa LA Style, Ladies Styling, Men's shines and Cabaret.