Adrian was born in Montevideo Uruguay. He discovers Folk dances, Capoeira and Salsa in Latin America where he participates in several regional competitions and TV shows. Arrives in Barcelona in 2003. He become regular student of the major salsa icons of the moment. He joins the Imperio Azteca Dance group of Johnny Vasquez and he leaves this prestigious group after meeting Anita.
Adrian & Anita have a success story from the beginning of their couple career. Champions of Spain in 2004, of Sweden in 2005, of Spain again in 2006, sub champions of Puerto Rico in 2006 and champions of Puerto Rico in 2007 this last World Salsa Open is considered by many as the World Championships. They make part of the Staff of the popular Spanish TV Reality Show "Mira Quien Baila" where they share prime time with world level stars. They founded their Salsa school in Barcelona and give lessons around the world. Speciality : Los Angeles Style, a clean, funny and elegant dance style enhancing fast couple moves and original footwork.