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Spain, Sevilla


Gabryel was born in Seville, Spain. He has always been interested in music and dance, which led him to learn dances as Sevillanas, Flamenco, Ballroom, Latin, etc. When he was introduced to the Latin dance, he fell for Bachata and began to develop his own style and technique. He then decided to travel to Santo Domingo in the search for the roots of Bachata and learned the different styles.

Gabryels style is strong and sensual based on expressions and heavily influenced by the different Italian and Spanish styles. His style is very strong and very sensual and merges with some other styles (traditional Dominican), but with some very strange interpretations. For him, interpretation is the key to bachata.

The passion for Bachata makes him an important event promoter, creating exclusive Bachata parties since 2005. Their last big event became the biggest Bachata event ever made in Spain, TODOBACHATA, with an attendance of over 1500 people worldwide.

His dance partner Begoña, also called Bego, was also born in Seville and started out dancing Spanish dances 10 years ago. She has together with Gabryel developed a very sensual style. She has her influences from Dominican, Italian and Spanish styles that make a fusion that is original.

Together Begoña & Gabryel became champions of the Spanish Bachata Championship in 2008. as