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Poland, Warsaw


Ania Chagowska has been dancing since she was a 6-year old girl. It all started with ballet classes, then modern jazz and other forms of dancing. She studied at an afternoon ballet school, took part in many different workshops and gained stage experience performing with Folk, Contemporary and classical Ballet choreographies. All that had helped her to adopt salsa steps at a great pace. Trying to use her knowledge and talent, she has managed to create her own original style in salsa becoming one of the leading female dancers in Europe. She successfully mixes femininity and elegance with a funky street flavour and encourages her students to look for their own crazy style mix.

Now, teaching and performing together Tamambo and Ania Chagowska create a duo and are getting rave reviews with their two brand new contemporary influenced choreographies, Violin Solitude and Senales de Humo (2008).