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Germany, Augsburg


Emilito Herrera was born in Cuba and has been dancing various Latin dances since the age of 5, especially Salsa. Since 2002 he has been living in Germany, where he manages his salsa dance school Cuban Salsa Power in Augsburg.
Together with his group Cuban Salsa Power he was the German champion in Rueda de Casino in 2007 and in collaboration with Reynaldo Salazar again in 2011.
Since 2005 he has been teaching at international conferences in Europe, for example Cubamemucho (for example, in Warsaw, Toulouse, Budapest, Amsterdam and of course Munich), Aqui Cuba (Rennes), Sals'Amistad (Paris), San Patrick's Salsa El Festival (Dublin), CubaSi (Kiev) and many more. At these events, he often danced to many most popular salsa bands like La Reve, Los Van Van, Charanga Habanera, Calle Real, Manolito Simonet and many more.