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Switzerland, Zürich


Stefano Amato alias DJ El Malo was born in Zurich in 1975. Already as a child, besides soccer, he developed a great passion for the music. After an instructive trip across Cuba the native italian was sure: his future DJ career will consist of Salsa beats. From his former experiences as a House-DJ he got the indispensable beat feeling, from his HipHop- and R&B trips he got the great mixing technique and from his passion to the latin way of life he got the needed faith in the music. In less than five years he became one of the most known and best Salsa DJ's of the world. All the invitations to the most important international Salsa Congresses all over the world give an evidence of his popularity. Moreover, he was honored several times for his work to the World of Latin Music - like in 2005 at the West Coast Salsa Congress in Los Angeles. He represents and lives in his DJing the New York Fania era like no other. DJ El Malo has already launched two great Salsa Compilations with the label "Latin Touch".