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United States, New York City


Magna Gopal is one of the top international performers and instructors in the salsa scene. Originally from Toronto, Canada she is now based in New York/New Jersey, USA and is internationally known for her grace, fluidity and precision on the dance floor.

Her creative interpretation of the music, ability to effortlessly follow any lead, spin with speed and accuracy and be able to break all of this down to all demographics has made her extremely popular in places such as Malaysia, Singapore, China, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Spain, Italy, Bermuda, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Curacao, Uruguay, Holland, Germany, France, Switzerland, Greece, UK, Poland, Czech Republic, Latvia, Tunisia, Romania, Guadalupe, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Belgium, Turkey, Canada, Serbia, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Kenya across the US and many other countries. Her smooth style is a pleasure to watch and experience; her limitless energy ensures her presence on the dance floor all night.

She has taught many people her intricate footwork patterns, body movement, technique for proper spins, feel comfortableMagna's spins workshop and express themselves on the dance floor. Her creativity in styling and footwork is enhanced by her sense of musicality and the ease with which she has incorporated other forms of dance. One of her strengths as an instructor is credited to the fact that she is self taught and her method of teaching and breaking down the dance and movement comes from her own understanding and awareness of the body and natural movement.