Personal info. Fabrizio Miccichè was born in Palermo (Italy) in 1976 and moved to the Netherlands in the year 2000. It was only at the age of 25 that Fabrizio was introduced to Salsa. His first salsa party was like entering a new dimension where something hidden inside finally got his way out: the passion and love for salsa dance and music. Nowadays he is still trapped in this new world as strong as ever and salsa has become a passion in his life.

Dancing Experience and styles. Fabrizio has had many teachers who taught him different salsa styles: LA, NY breaking on2 and Cuban salsa. Mastering different styles and techniques have given him the opportunity to create his own style and become a well-recognized salsa teacher/dancer for his creativity and music interpretation: new challenges is what keep him alive!

Teaching style. Whoever has taken lessons from him would tell that is style is relaxed, clear, fun and technical. Fabrizio cares about details and takes the time to go into the essentials of a move. However, his lessons are not only about understanding the technique underlying each moves but also emphasizing the connection with the music: after all, music is what makes us dancing!

Fabrizio is constantly in contact with his students and it would not be surprising to see him changing dance partners during his lessons. When he teaches, he is not only the teacher, but also a student among his students.