Originally from Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico, Waldo grew up dancing to tropical music, Cumbia and Salsa in Mexico City. He moved to Atlanta, GA in 2003 and was introduced to LA style Salsa by Alfredo Piceno (Salsambo Dance Company) in July 2006.
Motivated by what he saw, he began training hard with Alfredo and Jen Piceno. With the desire to expand his personal style and knowledge of the dance, he continued his education with Jimmy Rumba (Jimmy Rumba Latin Dance School), Francisco Vazquez (Los Rumberos Dance Company) and Cristian Oviedo (Dancer, Choreographer and Instructor in LA). His ability to quickly acquire the moves, timing and technique of the dance led him to become a dancer, choreographer and instructor in Salsambo Dance Company Atlanta, GA & Salsaknox Dance Company Knoxville TN.