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Netherlands, Arnhem


Randolph and Lilly have been dancing most of their lives.

They love to share their passion for dancing with everyone that crosses their path.
That’s why they spend a lot of time on international tours.
"We think it’s very important that there is an open atmosphere in our classes,
time for questions, experimenting and fun.
Our classes guarantee growth in your own style.
Personal attention for Technique, Bodymovement, Men & Ladiesstyling
and exciting combinations go together with pleasure, passion, precision
and most important of all: Improvisation.

Biography Lilly:

From age 2 to 14 Lilly followed all the Ballet, Latin, Ballroom, Jazz Ballet and
Streetdance classes her parents could take her too.
When she was 15 years old Lilly discovered Salsa and there was no turning back!
Lilly has over 12 years experience in the art of Salsadancing.
She loves to make her female students feel comfortable and sexy
by helping them find their own styling wich fits the personality of the lady in question.

Biography Randolph:

Known for his mix between fast movements with smooth body-movement,
Randolph is a well known teacher and performer around the world.
He started dancing Salsa, Hip-Hop, Streetdance & Jazz when he was only 5 years old.
Now he and Lilly are the proud founders of Dance Company Salsa Royale in Holland
and travel all over the world to teach, perform and most of all show people the fun of dancing Salsa.