Terry and Cecile live in Paris, France, but they are native of the Antille Islands (Terry from Guadeloupe, and Cécile from Martinique).

Although they arrived to the dance world in completely different manners, Terry and Cécile suspected, from their first dances together, that their differences were, in reality, complimentary. Their alliance allows Terry to channel his speed, and Cécile to make her sensuality more dynamic.

As a result of their experiences within large Paris dance troops, they decided, in August 2007, to start their own school and company in which they could show that salsa does not limit itself to a style, but it is a mixture.

Afterwards, they decided that each of their shows will completely differ from the preceding one. Casino, mambo on1, on2, chachacha, bachata, merengue, or zouk... we never know beforehand which will be the style of their next choreography.