She is graduated to a "Professional Dancer and Teacher of Folk Dances" with the maximum evaluation from the "Escuela Profesional de Arte S. Feijoo” of Santa Clara (Cuba). On 2002 she was incorporated in the main ballet of Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba. She regularly participate in the events that took place at major theaters and scenarios de La Habana. In the following years she continued the specialization under the Masters's guidance of: - Domingo Pau, Rogelio Martinez Fure (Founders, Teachers and Choreographers in the Conjunto Folklorico Nacional) - Santiago Alfonso (Teacher, Choreographer and former Director of the Cabaret Tropicana de La Habana) - Manolo Micler (Director, Teacher and Choreographer in the Conjunto Folklorico Nacional) - Zenaida Almentero (Singer Diva International of Folklore Cubano) and other great Teachers and Choreographers. In 2004, following her professional career in the Conjunto Folklorico, she also became the selector judge in the "Escuela Nacional de Variedades". In 2006 she got the first level as Dancer and Teacher specialized in Folk Dances on the "National Assessment of Artistic Dance". She participated in various international tours like protagonist in all of the company’s female choreographies. On 2007 she moved to Udine (Italy), where she graduated to "Master of Caribbean Dance" and founded her "Academia de Baile Yeni y su Danza Estelar”. She is currently a Teacher and a Dancer who participates in the most important international conferences and festivals; she is recognized for her artistic and professional talent, charisma, grace and elegance that stipulate her as one of the best Dancers and Teachers in the panorama of contemporary Cuban culture.