Tamambo's dancing originates from the African/American Rn'B/Hip Hop scene of the 80s. By incorporating his own flavour into the Puerto Rican style Salsa, he promotes what is now recognised around the world as "London Style" Salsa. His influences lie in Flamenco and Contemporary dance, in which his interpretation of the dance has taken a theatrical form.

Tamambo was one of the driving forces behind the London salsa scene before exploding onto the world stage. Performing and teaching On1 and On2, he rapidly earned his reputation as one of the very few instructors in the UK to raise and develop the new generation of salsa dancers, instructors and performers in the nation.

As one of Europe's top all-round instructors teaching both On1 and On2 and specialising in teaching complex, yet leadable partnerwork routines for the dance floor, he has fast become a very sought after name in Salsa.