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United Kingdom, London


Born in Poland, living in London internationally known dance artist, teacher, choreographer & performer. 2008 IDO World Ladies Salsa Shines Champion and 2006 UK Salsa Champion.

She started dancing in Poland at the age of 10 with ballroom and latin dance. Rehearsing nearly every day and competing in many national and international competitions gave way to her big passion for dancing. She has studied various forms of dance: rnb , hip-hop, street dance, as a one of the lead dancers of dance company in Poland she discovered salsa as another form of dance that was linking her to the connection she felt with the latin dance & music. Many travels to different salsa festivals around Europe gave her an insight to a diversity that salsa has to offer. She started out with LA style salsa and through the years she also learned NY and Puertorican style.

She was always fond of Cuban culture, dance and music, since the opportunity to work with Osbanis, she devoted her heart and soul to develop her knowledge strictly in the Cuban style. A wide spectrum of Cuban dances gives us a chance to learn and appreciate the true meaning of dance in our daily life, and stresses the importance of enjoying the music and appreciating the history on a way to better understanding of the culture. Dancing is for her an everlasting passion and a journey we should all take to enjoy our life to the fullest.