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United Kingdom, London


Tony born of Spanish Origins, English Education and Italian Culture is one of the main pioneers for the popularity of Bachata dancing in the World today!

‘I feel in love with Bachata and when I love something I put all my heart and soul into it. I believe that it is real passion that fuels anything to grow but there is more to dancing Bachata then just teaching moves, I try to fill my student with passion and excitement’. Tony expresses.

Tony has a diploma in Sports Science and has been an Olympic Taekwondo Competitor (Korean Martial Arts) and has managed a very successful health Club in London. ‘I basically used all my knowledge of body mechanics and team building to nurture peoples skills ,attitudes and confidence, so that the final result is an explosive, fun and creative dancer’ Tony adds.

So if you haven’t taken a workshop with Tony, take one and be surprised of just how much fun Bachata can be.