United States, Philadelphia
Masterclasses, Shows, Workshops
22 May 2020   -   25 May 2020
2020-05-22 00:00:00 UTC 2020-05-25 00:00:00 UTC Europe/London 10th Anniversary Philly Tango Festival United States, Philadelphia

10th Anniversary Philly Tango Festival
May 22-25, 2020 | Live Music Every Night!

A very special extended weekend of tango workshops, social dancing, live music, performances and more! Over 10 Festivals and the intent has always remained the same:

  • In-depth tango study
  • Transcendent dance connections with familiar and new partners
  • A friendly atmosphere that facilitates getting dances and meeting new people
  • Chances to dance to amazing live tango music
  • An approachable and giving group of maestros who invest totally in the festival and its participants, instead of holding themselves apart as “stars”
  • A chance to absent yourself from the stresses of modern life, and experience complete tango immersion and tango bliss for four days and nights.

Featuring the Típica Messiez Tango Orchestra!

• Fabian Salas & Lola Diaz
• Carla Marano & Octavio Fernandez
• Maja Petrović and Marko Miljević
• Matias Facio
• Adam Hoopengardner & Ciko Tanik
• Gustavo Rember
• Emiliano Messiez & Leandro Ragusa (musicians)
• Kristin Balmer & Amy Yang
• Andres Amarilla & Meredith Klein

• Gustavo Rember
• Octavio Fernandez
• Eli Ambron
• Micaela Colleen Barrett
• Marcelo Rosensaft
• Manuk Colakyan
• Alberto Ramos Cordero
• Adam Hoopengardner
• Ciko Tanik

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Fabian Salas & Lola Diaz
Argentine Tango , Argentine Tango
Octavio Fernández & Carla Marano
Maja Pelicari%u0107 & Marko Miljevich
Adam Hoopengardner & Cigdem "Ciko" Tanik
Andres Amarilla & Meredith Klein