Morocco, Marrakesh
21 Sep 2012   -   01 Oct 2012
2012-09-21 00:00:00 UTC 2012-10-01 00:00:00 UTC Europe/London Sunrise Trip To The Marrakech Salsa Festival And The Desert Morocco, Marrakesh

Sunrise Trip to the Marrakech Salsa Festival and the Desert will be held on September 21 to October 1, 2012.

The desert, and the act of moving through it, is a wonderful experience for cleaning the mind of all the daily thoughts and worries...
Life settles into a timeless routine of local tea and fresh bread...
Then a few more miles before the evening meal, a roaring fire, music, singing and a night under the stars as you have never seen before...
enjoy the sand under your bare feet....
in this place your profound desires are launched and your dream fantasies come to life...
Since ancient times, Sahara has been deep in our thoughts...
In the dreams of all human beings..
Mysticism and exotic blend into a unique form of Nature...
Then comes the magical moment you've been always waiting for.... the sunrise behind the dunes

From the 21st to the 26th of September: The Desert Tour.
From the 26th to the 30th of September: The Salsa Festival.


The Desert Tour:

500€ for the 10 first places.
550€ for the 5 next places.
600€ for the last 5 places.

The Salsa Festival:


The Whole Tour:

750€ for the 10 first places.
800€ for the 5 next places.
850€ for the last 5 places.