Germany, Berlin
Congress Hotel, Indoor
Masterclasses, Shows, Social Room, Workshops
28 Sep 2016   -   03 Oct 2016
2016-09-28 00:00:00 UTC 2016-10-03 00:00:00 UTC Europe/London Berlin Salsacongress 2016 Germany, Berlin

Our promise: to entertain you. We are aiming to make the difference - every time. With 15 years experience in organizing Salsa events we want to set the standards for our industry.

Parties from 4PM until 9.30AM. We dare you to dance all night long to the music of some of the best DJs in our community on three different dancefloors. Plus the afternoon and the time after sunrise until breakfast. Expect to encounter the highest level of social dancing in Europe as we gather many of the best dancers from all over the world.

We present you the shows in a unique and entertaining way as you will not see it anywhere else in our community. We entertain you. You will see much more then only a number of high quality dance shows. We also bring you Stand Up Comedy. Talent shows. Talk shows featuring interesting background information and society talks. News shows and we bring you back into the history of our dance community.

Berlin Salsacongress 2016 also features a number of seminars and lectures, including the famous Olu Olu Coffee Lounge which had its offline premiere at Berlin Salsacongress, plus history lectures and seminars such as the "Gentleman´s secrets". We believe that in the age of social media it is more important than ever to talk and discuss face to face.

Needless to say that Berlin Salsacongress 2016 also offers a large number of high quality workshops for all levels. For those being to advanced for the regular workshops we offer three amazing choreography bootcamps with some of the best artists in our industry. Plus the Master Pass giving you exclusive access to the Master Classes where you can learn in a small group on a real master level.

Berlin Salsacongress is featuring the Stargate shows since 2008. The Stargate shows offer upcoming talents the chance to make their way to the top and dance on our main stage at night if choosen by the audience in the afternoon shows. Now we became also co-creator of the Stargate Champions League which offers the winners of the Stargate competitions an additional chance to become European Stargate Champion and win a 1500€ cash prize in the finals.


VIP Full Pass
$ 273.6
Social party Pass
$ 148.2
Party Pass
$ 91.2
Upgrade Master
$ 79.8
Upgrade Kizz
$ 68.4
Upgrade Group 100
$ 57.0
Upgrade Prefestival
$ 57.0
Upgrade Ladies
$ 45.6
Upgrade Friday
$ 34.2
Upgrade Saturday
$ 34.2
Upgrade First Row
$ 22.8


Adolfo Indacochea & Tania Cannarsa
Salsa Cross Body / Mambo , Salsa Cross Body / Mambo