Portugal, Lisbon
City, Indoor, Outdoor
Workshops, Shows
30 May 2018   -   03 Jun 2018
2018-05-30 00:00:00 UTC 2018-06-03 00:00:00 UTC Europe/London 16th Lisbon International Tango Festival Portugal, Lisbon

Feeling exactly like a great Festival should !!!
An ALL SENSES Southern experience waiting for you.

5 days of pure pleasure...
More than 55 Hours of dancing

5 Amazing Milongas until sun rises
4 relaxed Afternoon Milongas
2 Magnificent Stage Shows
Live Performances every-night
Workshops for all levels

Orchesta: Tipica La Juan D'Arienzo (Buenos Aires)

- Roxana Suarez Y Sebastian Achaval
- Alejandra Heredia Y Mariano Otero
+ More to be announced soon

Wonderful DJ set:

  • Analía La Rubia del Giglio (Argentina)
  • Tajana Burger Casas (Croatia)
  • Osky C asas (Argentina)
  • Yuling Chen (USA . Taiwan)
  • Marta (Wild) Silvestre (Portugal)

*** More to be announced

  • VJ Bruno Sousa (Lisboa)

Special Guest Artists:
- YOLANDA REBELO (Tango, Oriental Dance, Fusion - Lisboa)
- Gaz Blanco - Photography (Italy)
- Other friends to be announced

Special Activities Guest Artists:
- GAZ BLANCO SuperPhotographer
- Several friends to be announced

Visit Lisbon and enjoy one of the best Tango Festivals, and, on the top of that, the weather, the wine, the food, the southern friendships, the beautiful city...

More information and registration forms will soon we available at

E-mail: [email protected]


All nights Milonga Package
$ 91.2


Sebastian Achaval & Roxana Suarez
Mariano Otero & Alejandra Heredia