Czech Republic, Prague
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27 Oct 2017   -   29 Oct 2017
2017-10-27 00:00:00 UTC 2017-10-29 00:00:00 UTC Europe/London Czech National Salsa Congress In Prague Czech Republic, Prague

Third Edition of Czech National Salsa Congress brings yet a bigger selection of hand picked salsa bachata and kizomba artists:

Dom Ramark (FR) - salsa/urbankiz
Sergio y Yoceline (ES) - bachata/salsa cubana
Toan & Nicky (UK) - linea on2/on1
Rafael Del Busto (Cuba) - Afrocuban
Peter & Saška (SK) - bachata
Marián & Sisa (SK) - kizomba/semba
Pavel & Eliška (CZ) - bachata
Honza & Ina (CZ) - salsa on1/on2 NY style
Leon & Saška (CZ) - salsa cubana
Jesus & Adéla (Peru/CZ) - salsa on1/on2 NY style
Agniezska Przihoda (CZ) - LS styling
Marián & Zhenya (CZ/RU) - salsa on1/on2 NY style

We bring family atmosphere with inspiring and motivating artist and friends. Join our latin family!



Is English language of Czech National Salsa Congress?
Yes, unless both audience and instructor is exclusively Czech.

Which style of salsa/bachata/kizomba will be at congress?
We have 3 rooms, each dedicated to: Salsa linea & technique, Cuban & Bodymovement, Bachata & kizomba. Parties are in 2 rooms, one room with Salsa Linea (50%) and Cubana (50%), second with bachata (70%) and kizomba (30%).

Where is the congress venue?
At the very centrum of Prague - Wenceslas square (parties) and 5min walking from there are workshops.